SMIER simpleash BE/GR

SMIER simpleash 

- Vegan Leather / Green 

- Rope / Beige 

- Total Length  : 150cm

- 10mm / 125 g , 12mm / 160 g

Simpleash is not intended for training purposes. 

The movement stopper needs to be securely fastened around the neck for safety, 

so the initial movement may feel a bit tight, 

which could result in some stiffness. 

Please keep this in mind when making your purchase.

- Handmade in KOREA

-All components used in the product are made with domestically sourced materials 

SMIER Simpleash is designed to add a touch of style and convenience to your casual walks with friends. It features a hands-free function, perfect for strolling together or hanging out on the terrace during outings. With a relatively short leash length that allows you to walk in sync with your furry friends, experience chic and comfortable outdoor activities anytime, anywhere.

*Due to the characteristics of hanji leather, wrinkles may be present on the leather.