SMIER S-rope dog leash (RD/BE)

SMIER S-rope dog leash

- Vegan Leather / Beige 

- Rope / Red

- 10mm / 130 g , 12mm / 200 g

- Handmade in KOREA

- All subsidiary materials used in the product are used as locally manufactured accessories. 

-The white color used in hanji leather is not pure white, but has a very slight taste. 

The S-rope leash of SMIER is
It's a song that naturally permeates our daily lives in the city

For our friends' safety, coolness, and the convenience of their guardians It's designed.
The convenience of both hands and on the terrace when taking a walk together or going out Hands-free function that you can hang.
We need to hold the line short, so let's make our friends a comfortable auxiliary handle. (It is recommended that the auxiliary handle be used only temporarily.)
SMIER is the coolness that my friends wear With the guardian who leads that coolness
Provides harmony and convenience.

I hope you will be cool in your daily life with your friends

*Due to the nature of hanji leather, there may be wrinkles on the leather.