SMIER Name Tag Heart

SMIER New Nametag Sphere

- Pendant / brass 

- Ring / brass 

- ball chain / brass 

- Birthstone  / surgical steel, cubic

- Heart Pendant  / surgical steel, formica

- Onyx Pendant  / surgical steel, onyx 

- Arttificial pearl Pendant  / surgical steel, artificial pearl 

- Mother of Pearl Pendant  / surgical steel, mother of pearl 

- Laser marking

- Handmade in KOREA

SMIER's name tag features a gold satin-plated brass pendant and is crafted with surgical steel, a medical-grade metal, to minimize allergy risks and ensure a safer wear. It is designed to resist corrosion even when exposed to water. Additionally, friends can choose the birthstone of their birth month or the month they first adopted their canine companions, adding a special touch to their unique designs and making our friends even more stylish.

*You can choose the marking color (black/gray) 

* For pendant and ball chain, please note that they are custom-made items, and exchanges or refunds are not possible. Your understanding is appreciated