SMIER H-Collar set (black)

SMIER H-black dog leash

- Vegan Leather /black

- Leash width : 13mm / 83 g 

- Leash width : 20mm / 130 g

SMIER H-black dog collar

- Vegan Leather /black

- S 19~27cm /32g / width : 1.3cm

- M 25~33cm /40g / width  : 2cm 

- L 31~39cm / 45g / width  : 2cm 

-XL 37~45cm / 48g / width  : 2cm

- Handmade in KOREA

- All parts used in the product are used as locally manufactured accessories. 

SMIER's H-black collar SET is
It's made of Korean paper made of mulberry bark
Using the ultra-fine fabric, shamud
The strength of the hanji fabric and the softness of the shamud fabric
It allows our friends to have a better daily life.

* If there is no recognition number, it will be marked randomly. Please keep in mind. 

* Due to the nature of hanji leather, there may be wrinkles on the leather.

This product is in production and will be shipped from May 12th