SMIER H-Collar set (white)

SMIER H-white dog leash

- Vegan paper Leather /White

- Leash width : 13mm / 83 g 

- Leash width : 20mm / 130 g

SMIER H-white dog collar

- Vegan Leather /White 

- S 19~27cm /32g / width : 1.3cm

- M 25~33cm /40g / width  : 2cm 

- L 31~39cm / 45g / width  : 2cm 

-XL 37~45cm / 48g / width  : 2cm

- Handmade in KOREA

- All parts used in the product are used as locally manufactured accessories. 

SMIER's H-white collar SET is
It's made of Korean paper made of mulberry bark
Using the ultra-fine fabric, shamud
The strength of the hanji fabric and the softness of the shamud fabric
It makes our friends have a happier daily life 

* If there is no recognition number, it will be marked randomly. Please keep in mind. 

 *Due to the nature of hanji leather, there may be wrinkles on the leather.

Please refer to the purchase. 

This product is in production and will be shipped from May 12th