SMIER H-Collar (lilac)

SMIER H-dust pink dog collar

- vegan paper Leather / dust pink

- S 19~27cm /21g / Width : 1.3cm

- M 25~33cm /30g / Width : 2cm 

- L 31~39cm / 33g / Width: 2cm 

- XL 37~45cm / 35g / Width : 2cm

- Handmade in KOREA

- All parts used in the product are made in Korea with accessories made in Korea.

SMIER's H-dust pink collar is made of vegan paper leather fabric and chamois, a microfiber fabric, which is made by gluing layer by layer the bark of an elm tree, to combine the advantages of vegan paper leather and the softness of chamois. 

and the softness of chamois fabric, making our friends feel more comfortable in their daily lives.

*Due to the nature of vegan paper leather, there may be wrinkles in the leather.

Please note when purchasing.